JY'NOVE's core business, is to manufacture products and provide services in high-precision mechanical engineering sectors, for all types of materials and alloys, in small, medium or large series.

This for leading sectors such as : Aeronautics, Military, Energy, Medical , Luxury and Motorsports.

Our main vocation is the satisfaction of our customers, it is measured by our commitments, our results, and our continuous improvements of our quality system deployed on all the processes of the company.

Thanks to the efforts and rigour of our teams, we have been able to make our Quality Management System an indispensable tool in the functioning of the company, and the improvement of its performance in order to best satisfy the needs of our customers.

JY'NOVE has obtained ISO 9001 and EN 9100 (Aeronautics industry) certifications for its Quality Management System.

These quality certifications demonstrate JY'NOVE's commitment to the continuous improvement of its processes and services in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Certification ISO 9001
Certification ISO 9001

Techn'hom 5 - 25/27 Rue Marcel Pangon

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