Multi-axis Machining

We have a recognized know-how in complex milling and turning machining of the following materials: inconel, ceramics, carbon, titanium, aluminium alloys, glass fiber and rare plastics.

The parts we produce range in size from 2mm³ to 700mm³. The requested lead times are sometimes very short, not exceeding 3 days.

Our machined parts are highly technical, with non-straight shapes (requiring continuous 5 axis machining), deep drilling (40 x Ø), with tolerances up to a hundredth of a millimeter.

Unité d'usinage multiaxes
Usinage multiaxes
Usinage multiaxes
Usinage multiaxes

Machine Park

The guarantee of quality of our products is high-tech equipment. Through state-of-the-art CNC machines from Japan, up to control CNC coordinate measuring machine from ZEISS Germany.

  • 5 Axis Milling and Turning
  • 5 Axis EDM
  • 5 Axis CMM

We use sophisticated CAD / CAM softwares, such as Solidworks and GibbsCam

We prescribe solutions for your machined parts through :

  • Choice of material for a given application
  • Design optimization to facilitate implementation
  • 5 AXIS MECTRON MTV - T212: HSM machining center (80mm diameter table)
  • 5 AXIS MECTRON MTV - T311 : high speed precision machining (200mm diameter table)
  • 5 AXIS OKK VCX 350L : HSC machining center (milling and turning, 350mm diameter table)
  • 5 AXIS OKK VP600: HSC machining center (500mm diameter table)
  • ZEISS CONTURA CMM: coordinate measuring machine ±0.0012mm, using Calypso, stroke: 700mm*1000mm*600mm
  • Polishing station with central vacuum system
  • 3D Printer: « Coming soon »

Techn'hom 5 - 25/27 Rue Marcel Pangon - 90300 CRAVANCHE

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