Created in 2014 as an engineering consultant specialized in precision machining, JY’NOVE has a recognized know-how in the conception and the development of manufacturing process of mechanical parts. Over the years, its engineering teams have developed a strong knowledge to offer to their clients.

Benefiting from this experience, JY'NOVE offers an industrialization service to reinforce the customer Methods department:

  • Development of very complex parts
  • Development and optimization of large series parts

From the development of the manufacturing range to the manufacturing of the first part, we put at your disposal a team of experts directly on site according to the needs.

We have a culture of results, that leads our clients to an improvement of :

  • Productivity (22% on average)
  • Quality (20% on average)
  • Delays (25% on average)

Techn'hom 5 - 25/27 Rue Marcel Pangon

+33 (0) 6 81 03 04 57